Two Tickets to Paradise

Did you know that about 60 percent of women are looking to find their spouse in college? However 1/3 of college seniorshave been on fewer than 2 dates in their college life. This is somewhat understandable because college relationships are some of the most difficult relationships you’ll ever have. There’s much more stress on them than high school relationships because of classes, new social pressures, and added social expectations. Also they are harder than relationships after college due to financial struggle. Plus more students are looking for short casual relationships than committed ones. Also, when you add abnormal difficulties such as contracting an STI or an unexpected pregnancy to the mix, these relationships become even more complicated. The fact is that college relationships are some of the most difficult things you will ever experience but if you can survive this, than your relationship will be a lot stronger. So next time you have that crush on the cute girl that sits next to you in class, ask her out because it might just be her first real college date!

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