Breakup Anxiety

Well, we broke up. I thought I already dealt with this and then I run into him at the store and it all just came back up. I ended up crying myself to sleep last night because I thought of all the times I thought he loved me and now I know he just wanted sex. But it didn’t seem like that at the beginning. I keep wondering if I did something wrong. Did I make our relationship all about sex? I just want to sweep this all under the rug, but we live in the same town. I’m going to keep bumping into him.

Ending a romantic relationship is complicated. What is important is that you find someone you can trust to talk about your feelings. Maybe you’re not willing to tell an adult or parent about the sex, but maybe you could talk about how the relationship started and how it ended. When you get uncomfortable and need to talk about the sex you can always give us a call. Anxiety about the end of a relationship is real and it can be even harder if you are wondering:

  • Do I have an STI?
  • Should I get tested before I start a new relationship?
  • I’m starting to feel tired and a bit funny – I hope I’m not pregnant!

We give CONFIDENTIAL and FREE information. If you can’t get up the nerve to call us and come in for a visit, just try our private text line at 660-254-3399. We will answer anything for you without judgement and help you move on and move into a healthier relationship.

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