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Confidential medical and sexual health services when you need them most.

About Us

We are here to help. We live in this community and care about your health. We want to get to know you -and your story.  We are real people too.

Real People.

Whoever you are or whatever you’ve done,  it will be ok, we understand. Whether you are male, female, straight, or gay we are here to provide answers about your sexual health. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just had sex for the first time or the hundredth time — we’re here for you.

Real World.

Thinking about experimenting or unsure about your sexual health? We’re happy to have private conversations and address issues you find hard to talk about elsewhere.

Real Help.

We offer peace of mind that can only come with knowing the real facts and assessing your options. We want you to confidently make choices that are best for you and based on medical facts.

We Know What You’re Thinking

We really do know what you’re thinking because you tell us all the time. Don’t just take it from us. Listen to what some of our clients have to say about their experience at The Source Medical Clinic.


I was super mad. I thought my girlfriend had cheated on me. Then I was positive. They helped us talk it all out and understand more about our health. I’m glad I could go somewhere like The Source. It saved our relationship.

22, college senior

What are these bumps?



I felt comfortable at The Source because the medical staff were very professional.
I knew it was very private — which was important to me.

24, young professional

My mom is going to kill me!


My girlfriend and I wanted different things. It was one of the hardest decisions ever. I’m glad there was a place where we could go to get medical treatment and could discuss all of our options. I trust them there and would definitely recommend it.

19, young professional

I’m freaking out!


I liked how my boyfriend could come too. We got the information we needed to make the decision that was right for us.

16, high school student

Why did I believe him?


It really was free. I got tested and treated the same day. I was so relieved.

21, college student

Help You Can Trust.

Our services may be free, but we are focused on delivering high quality care in an unbiased, professional, and helpful way. We understand these situations – they are incredible. Life altering. Unscripted.


We are not your parents.   We are also not your close friends.  We are near campus and offer private texting to 660-254-3399.

We do not bill insurance, you, your parents, or your partner.


Good advice is one thing, but a professional environment gives you the dignity you deserve to talk about difficult subjects and ask the hard questions you know you need to make your best decisions for your health.


Whether your questions are about abortion, pregnancy, risky sexual behavior, adoption options, or just have questions before you become sexually active, we’re ready with facts for you to consider in your decision making process.


If you are scared half to death with something you’re experiencing physically, we can perform the right tests and give you answers.  Our test results are always confidential and prescription treatment is free.

Our Blog

Our thoughts on your thoughts.

Things that Make you go, ‘Hmmmm…’

The Center for Disease Control is a great resource for facts. But these facts are people. These represent lives changed with diagnosis which can be easily prevented. The choice is up to you, but imagine your life inside of these numbers and decide to live your life without becoming a statistic.

Percentage of unplanned pregnancies.
Number of people living with HIV in Missouri
Number of teens out of 100 who didn't know HIV is sexually transmitted
Number of new STD's reported in MO in 2018